#1 — You Don’t want to Overpay for Expensive Imported Spray Guns

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The biggest issue I hear day in, day out with SATA is the overpriced price tag when discussing the best spray gun. While everyone in the automotive paint industry knows the SATAJet 5000, or its predecessor the 4000, it is up to par with guns half their price. The awareness of the closing quality gap is growing every week and it will be only a matter of time until we see the SATA guns replaced by C.A. Technologies CAT-X guns in body shops.

Especially as we look towards…

How do Pressure Pots & Cast Molding Pots work?

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Before going into the procedure of how a Pressure Pot or Cast Molding Pot work, let’s go over the necessary pieces in the setup we need:

  • Air Compressor (cfm will be based on the gun you use; most compressors reach up to 90–100 PSI. Most of the time you won’t need that much).
  • Air Regulator (1 for Casting; 2 for Pressure Pot to spray)
  • Air Hose (min. 50ft. from the Air Compressor to the Air Filter for cooldown of air recommended to let air and water separate; Another hose from Air…

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#1 — You Paint or Stain Wood

C.A. Technologies (Coating Atomization Technologies) has the best Paint Spray Guns in terms of finishing quality for wood surface applications. Their price is great too, typically being 30–50% cheaper than competing models to Binks, which makes switching to C.A. for your air-spray guns even more attractive. For example, if you look at the top-of-the line CAT-X Spray Gun for Wood Working which retails at $479.95 in a Gravity Feed setup has no match in the Binks line. On top of that the CAT-X gun can be changed between conventional and HVLP. The closest gun from Binks is a MACH1 HVLP…

Your guide to SPF, DMARC & DKIM

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Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Access Requirements:

  • Your Domain Name System (DNS) Editor (i.e. GoDaddy Admin that has the email addresses registered)
  • 3rd Party e-mail Admin Accounts (e-mail Blast Service [Mailchimp, ConstantContact, etc.], Additional Mail Server you might be using, etc.)

You might be reading this because you want help resolving an error you just received. This error might be stating something about your DMARC records and that the e-mail was not authenticated. And most likely you attempted to e-mail someone with a ‘@gmail.com’ or ‘@yahoo.com’ …

Project Management can be quite a nebulous term for a lot of people. The assumption that an individual will be basically managing a project is correct, but oversimplification can cause issues. There are five essentials that structure the framework of project management and remembering these essentials (pillars) will lead to ever improving project management.

Project management hinges on the first of the five essentials, The Iron Triangle. Not the Iron Cross, but the Iron Triangle.

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Source1: https://www.pmi.org/learning/library/beyond-iron-triangle-year-zero-6381

As you can see above, the Iron Triangle is made up of three portions, as the name suggests. Schedule, cost, and quality prop…

Do you remember this iconic scene from a very famous Star Wars Parody?

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Back then we just laughed at how ridiculous the statement sounded — Lightspeed is too slow. But technology has advanced so much that media consumption has to be instantaneous or else people are not going to enjoy it. Patience is a virtue of eons ago. Everything has to happen now.

So let’s talk about why your website has to move at ludicrous speed or else you’ll lose business. …

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